His way of Hope
Friday 08-10-10:
Hope for the future, Phil Anderson
Signs of His Coming, Josue Orellana

Saturday 09-10-10:
How Will Jesus Return, Linda Spady
What Happens When We Die, Stan Hudson
God's Law and Hope,  Robert Spady

Friday 15-10-10:
Hope in Salvation, Brandon McDuffy
God's Day of Rest, Laurie Turner

Saturday 16-10-10:
Changing Times and Laws, Stan Hudson
Will Freedom Ring Forever, Shane Houtrouw
One Thousands years in Jail, Drue Wagner

Friday 22-10-10:
Why So Much Suffering, Gordon Johnson
Who Framed God, Brandon McDuffy

Saturday 23-10-10:
Is Heaven Real, Andrew Sheidler
Why So Many Denominations, Phil Anderson
How to Start Life Over Again, Sybil Anderson
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