Pastor's Welcome!
Image of Pastor Stan

From all of your friends at Pullman Community Worship, welcome!

We are part of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, a fellowship of some fifteen million friends in two hundred countries around the world.

We exist to share the very good news of Jesus to our world and our neighbors. We exist to support each other through tough times. And we exist to serve the physical and spiritual needs of Pullman and WSU.

We currently meet at the Community Worship Center on Bishop across from the Holiday Inn every Saturday morning (yes, Saturday--it has to do with our name!) at 10:00 for study and 11:30 for worship. We offer free Bible studies to those interested. We also are ministry partners of K House on the WSU campus.

Come visit us anytime. Did we mention we have a fellowship meal every week?!

Stan Hudson, Pastor

About our Pastor

Dr. Stan Hudson was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He studied geology at the University of California at Riverside, before a life-changing encounter with Jesus steered him into Theology. He has served as a pastor in Los Angeles, Boise, Spokane and now in Moscow/Pullman. His wife is Cindy, a registered dietician; they have two children who are college students. He began his work here in January of 2007. He is known for his interests in creation/evolution issues and for his sense of humor.

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