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What is a podcast? For a complete answer you should read about podcasts on wikipedia. The short answer is that podcasts allow you to subscribe to our website and when we post new sermons, a program on your computer will know about it and let you download it and listen to it.

This special program you need to run on your computer is called a podcatcher. If you are running Windows or Mac I would recommend looking at Juice. If you run a Linux box I would recommend Amarok.

All of these different computer programs are going to ask you for a URL for the feed. This is a special string that tells the computer where to find the information about our recordings. For Pullman Community Worship, the URL you need is http://www.community-worship.com/audio/feed. If you enter that line, it should start working.

There are also several webpages that allow you to subscribe to feeds. Included below are some links to the more popular ones.

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